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Hello, I'm Jaide!

BA Sport Science & Psychology   (Stellenbosch University) 

BSc. Hons Sport Science [Kinderkinetics]   (Stellenbosch University)

    About Jaide

    I studied Sport Science at Stellenbosch University and went on to pursue my honours in Kinderkinetics. 

    A Kinderkineticist is an exercise scientist with a passion for little humans! I am passionate about making a difference in children's lives and aim to equip children with the movement skills that are essential to leading a physically active and healthy lifestyle.  I have experience working with both neuro-typical and special needs children from birth to 13 years. 

    I believe in the importance of play and my approach to therapy is centred around encouraging the child to play and learn through movement.  It is important that children are active in their daily life, reach their gross motor milestones and build a strong foundation of movement skills so that they can succeed academically, overcome any motor performance challenges and reach their full potential and that is what I'm here for!

    Hello, I'm Abigail!

    BSc Sport Science  (Stellenbosch University) 

    BSc. Hons Sport Science [Kinderkinetics] (cum Laude)  (Stellenbosch University)

    DMI Therapy Introductory Level A (New York)

    About Abigail

    Abigail is a passionate paediatric movement specialist and is a kinderkineticist and DMI therapist at Cape Town KIDS Centre. 

    From a young age, I have always wanted to work with children.  There's nothing as encouraging as seeing a child's potential, and having the opportunity to facilitate and walk that journey with them in order for them to reach their full potential.  Loyalty, trust, respect and kindness are qualities of great value to me.  I am committed to instilling a love of learning, developing a passion for being active and providing a creative environment for children to express themselves and flourish. 

    I believe that every child should know that they are loved and accepted just as they are. 


    Contact us directly to chat further, find out more about my rates or to book a consultation. 

    We look forward to welcoming you to our centre! 

    072 275 7823

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