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The Cape Town KIDS Centre is a multi-disciplinary paediatric centre located in the southern suburbs.  We offer occupational therapy, speech therapy, kinderkinetics and Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy.  Our team is made up of a passionate team of therapists, each with diverse strengths and experience working with all children.  At the Cape Town KIDS Centre we offer a child-centred approach to therapy with a focus on integrative development to unlock each child's full potential and ensure they thrive in every environment.  We value a fun, safe and supportive space for each child where they can play, learn and grow.  

The centre is equipped with required resources and equipment needed to give your child the best possible treatment. 

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Occupational therapy 

OT is a holistic and client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and a well-being through occupation.  Paediatric OT applies specialised approaches and techniques to maximise the child's engagement in education, school and life skills. 


Kinderkinetics is a specialised paediatric field that aims to optimise gross motor development, equip a child for higher learning and promote holistic well-being through scientific-based movement programmes. 

Speech therapy 

Speech therapy involves the treatment and assessment on communication disorders.  While it is most commonly associated with stuttering or speech disorders, speech therapy can also provide support with early childhood development, language and literacy learning. 

DMI therapy 

DMI serves as a therapeutic approach dedicated to addressing motor delays in
children. Its primary focus lies in enhancing automatic postural responses and
guiding youngsters toward crucial developmental milestones.

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